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  • What type of wax do you use to make your candles?
    We use 100% natural plant wax. Our wax is a blend of predominantly British rapeseed blended with a small amount of soya wax. The wax has a natural creamy colour and provides high quality burning and scent throw.
  • What size are your candles?
    All our candles can be ordered in either large or small. Our small candles are 20cl and that means the jar measures 8cm high. Our large candles are 30cl.
  • What are the burn times on your candles?
    Our small candles, with regular wick trimming will burn for approximately 25-30hours. While our large candles burn for up to 40 hours.
  • Can you do large orders for special occasions?
    Yes! Please contact us at or via our 'Contact us' page to discuss any specail requests you may have.
  • How long do your reed diffusers last for?
    Our reed diffusers should last between 3-4 months. Some factors will affect the lifespan of your diffuser such as the temperature of your house and the number of reeds you choose to use.
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